bangs fists on table

more lesbians

#[knocks politely] and more bisexuals

[taps hesitantly on the door] and more stores that don’t involve romance at all

You mean like a grocery store or something? That’s not very romancey I suppose. You can have one.


this is the best thing I’ve seen

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Someone put googly eyes in my Latin textbook this is quite possibly the best thing I’ve ever seen


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So I came across this whaddya think?


So I came across this whaddya think?


And don’t you forget that.

What on God’s green Earth would be wrong with that? Seriously.


And don’t you forget that.

What on God’s green Earth would be wrong with that? Seriously.

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#cinematic masterpiece

#I secretly rate every action packed film 0-the mummy

Every once in a great while, I will tell somebody “You know, nasty little fellows such as yourself always get their comeuppance.”

…And then I’ll be sad, because they have no idea what I’m talking about. 

I only gamble with my life, never my money.

The Mummy fandom on Tumblr is hella strong

What up mummy fandom I didn’t know existed! Loved this movie. Need to watch it again.

I quote “You’re on the wrong side of the river” constantly.

I’m going to grad school soon to be a librarian and I can’t wait to get drunk and quote all of Evy’s lines.

I’m an archaeology student and I recently re-watched this and the instant they made it clear that it was set in the 1920s I was completely cool with everything about it because archaeology in the 1920s was mostly drinking and blowing things up.

archaeology in the 1920s was mostly drinking and blowing things up

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there is literally no difference between academic scholars discussing their interpretations of a text and a bunch of people yelling YOUR HEADCANON IS WRONG at each other

As a Masters student I can vouch for this.

The difference is citations.

Say what you will, Tumblr is pretty much Academia.

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People don’t like Sansa because she is feminine. It annoys me that people only like the feminine characters when they act like male characters. And they always go on about feminism. Like, you’re rooting for the people who look like boys, who act like boys, who fight like boys. Root for the girls who wear dresses and are intellectually very strong.

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Sorry but I don’t like Sansa not because she wears dresses but because she acts stupid. Fighting is not for boys only, that’s the whole point. It doesn’t mean I don’t root for strong intelligent women in dresses like Maergery. I do, and I love that got has strong, flawed, varied, well characterised female characters.

But Sansa has had several opportunities to leave King’s Landing and she turned down every. one. of them. All of this to get her dream wedding to that little shit Joffrey!?! Would slapping her in the face help her get out of this abusive relationship? Maybe not, but damn, I wish someone would do it (apparently dear auntie Lysa gave her the wake up call when she, er, took the plunge).

Sansa doesn’t deserve all the fucked up stuff that happened to her but being strong means realise the world is crap and reality is nothing like in the songs. Yes she was strong when she -almost- saved her father’s life, and she’s definitely getting her shit together in the last episodes (I think she will manipulate Littlefinger and not the other way around), but I’ve always disliked her because she was passive and weak in a stupid childlike way, not because she wears a dress. Maybe I’ll grow to like her now if she keeps her badassery level high but I’ll stand by my opinion of Sansa up to 4x08.

There, I said it.